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Thierry Talag

Diplômé de l'université de Berkeley aux Etats Unis. Formation et conseil en marketing direct (CRM). Formateur diplômé FSEA du brevet fédéral de formateur pour adultes.




Negative Reviews.

Thierry TalagThierry Talag

Your Business needs it.

Do you work hard to earn great reviews for your business?

Most businesses strive to get good review. It impact customers perception.

Before you buy something online, drive across town to a restaurant you’ve never tried, or download an app, what’s the first thing you do?

You probably check the reviews. If they’re bad, you probably won’t purchase an item or try a new restaurant. But if they’re good, you’ll likely give it a try.

Believe it or not, earning perfect reviews isn’t critical for your business. In fact, negative reviews can actually help your business in ways you may have never expected.

Define factors that make final decisions about your companies.

If you’ve put all of your focus on avoiding negative reviews, you’re going wrong.

It appears that trustworthy reviews now have a big influence on purchase decisions. Today, 97% of consumers read product reviews before making a purchase decision.

Because bad reviews give customers a sense of the worst-case scenario. They want to know what can go wrong to understand just how much it will matter to them. Now consumers determine if a review is truly authentic and trustworthy.

The way that a business treats a negative review tell a lot about how they care about customers.

Don’t panic with bad review. Don’t ignore them. Instead, embrace them. It gives you a chance to push the best of yours.

If you receive a negative review, you need to act fast. Complaints should be your number-one priority for customer service.

There are two types of negative reviews.

The first type is reviews from disappointed customers who have had a real negative experience. Some people might want to take advantage of the leverage that leaving a bad review, they want you to give them a refund.

Bad review is a constructive feedback. It is a gold mine for any business. It is a form of valuable, direct, instructional feedback from the people who matter most.

Negative review will only stay negative forever if you ignore it and never address it.

Decide on a communication strategy that will match your brand identity and tone of voice. Try to keep it consistent across all review platforms. Depending on the personality of your brand, you can choose to be friendly and conversational.

Each negative review as an opportunity to show your customers that you care. Believe it or not, bad reviews have the power to improve your conversion rates, too.

Bad reviews improve your conversion rates. A healthy mix of both positive and negative reviews will help build trust in your business. A mixture of good and bad is helpful so that you don’t fall into the “too-good-to-be-true” category.

If your ratings are low, don’t fret. It actually doesn’t take a lot to increase your ratings. Studies show that hotels were able to increase their rounded ratings by half a star or more within six months of their first management response.

Negative reviews show your human side.

Customer service is not just about assisting a purchase. It’s about solving any problems that come up before, during, or after a purchase and preventing them from happening again.

“What is the cos of a poor customer service?”

Satisfying unhappy customers encourages loyalty.

Responding to negative reviews will help you keep your current customers coming back for more. When you satisfy your customers, you’ll encourage them to stay loyal to you. Customers are willing to spend more for a company that responded and care to their complaints.

“Customer satisfaction has never been more important than it is today.”

Thierry Talag

Thierry Talag

Diplômé de l'université de Berkeley aux Etats Unis. Formation et conseil en marketing direct (CRM). Formateur diplômé FSEA du brevet fédéral de formateur pour adultes.