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Customized interactions

Improve customer experience

Companies today are building much deeper ties with customers than ever before thanks to new technologies that enable frequent, low-friction, customized digital interactions,

Instead of waiting for customers to come to them, firms are addressing customers’ needs the moment they arise and sometimes even earlier. It’s a win-win situation.

E -commerce experience luxury brands.

While many luxury brands tend to focus on the homepage as a key touchpoint for the e-commerce shopping experience, data indicates that this page is only viewed less than two times by watch and jewellery luxury consumers who make purchases.

Luxury consumers are more mobile; Younger consumers product differently. Consumers demand from luxury a real sense of culture and community.

Google searches and product placements through social media, taking a multi-channel approach to reach the right clientele is something all brands should prioritise.

Develop continuous relationships with customers.

Through what we call connected strategies, customers get a dramatically improved experience. Smart phones allow visitors to pass reception, get priority access, pay for food and merchandise and unlock their hotel rooms.

The bands also help company locate guests anywhere in the hotel. Cameras placed on a various spot (restaurant/bar/terrace) can automatically take photographs of guests, which company can use to create personalized memory books for them.

Control and analyses

E-learning technologies track student’s progress and feed data to their teachers.

Software analyzes workouts, and a social network that provides advice and support.

Fundamentally new business model: The coach behavior.

It consist to break the traditional customer journey into 3 distinct stages:

  1. Recognize when the customer becomes aware of a need;
  2. Request when he or she identifies a product or service that would satisfy;
  3. Respond how the company delivers the product or service.

Respond to desire experience

This strategy involves providing customers with services and products they’ve requested—and doing so as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

The essential capabilities here are operational: fast delivery, minimal friction, flexibility, and precise execution.

To provide a good respond-to-desire experience, companies need to listen carefully to what customers want and make the buying process easy.

The key capability here is a personalized recommendation process.

Coach behavior approaches

To implement coach-behavior approaches well, a company needs to receive information constantly from its customers so that it doesn’t miss the right moment to suggest action. This require customer involvement.

Automatic Execution

This strategy allows companies to meet the needs of customers even before they’ve become aware of those needs. The growing Internet of things is making all sorts of automatic execution possible.

Automatic execution will make people’s lives easier and in some cases will even save lives. Consider fall-detection sensors by Iwatch.

“The better the company understands a customer, the more it can customize its offerings to her.”

The time to think about connected strategies is now, before others in your industry beat you to it

Source: Harvard Business Review May2019


Fondée en 1997, 24 SàRL crée le changement. Au coeur de votre activité, nous vous proposons de mettre en place ou d'améliorer les performances de votre Service Clients.